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Issue #249 roars onto shelves with previews of some of the biggest racing games of the year, including GRID Autosport, Mario Kart 8 and The Crew. We also review Child of Light, The Elder Scrolls Online, Trials Fusion and more.

Archive for March, 2011

New Dimensions, Old Desires

March 29th, 2011

The 3DS lands in Australia in a matter of days now. Drawing momentum from the usual wind of everywhere else having it already, its impending arrival – backed by impressions posted on forum threads in America and England – is so strong it can be tasted. Desirability fills the air. The pristine sheen of our original DS consoles (no matter which model we settled with) has since been worn away by scratches and prints left by oily fingers, the grime from our dirty hands stuck to the buttons, and this only intensifies the desire perpetrated by unboxing videos that display units that literally glitter with the sheen of untouched newness. more »

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Guilt Question Mark

March 11th, 2011

Late March, 2009, London. I am feeling more well-rested than I have in weeks, and the pent-up stress from this extended stretch of days is just beginning to dribble from my ears as I feel the comforting familiarity of a sixaxis controller in my grip. Over the course of the month I had taken to balancing full-time Celta study with a part-time gig selling videogames to tourists. As if by timed fate, my Ps3’s blu-ray laser had died just before the course begun, and I had been exclusively restricted to what existed on its hard drive.

Not that I had time for even that. more »

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