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Issue #249 roars onto shelves with previews of some of the biggest racing games of the year, including GRID Autosport, Mario Kart 8 and The Crew. We also review Child of Light, The Elder Scrolls Online, Trials Fusion and more.

HINDSIGHT: Virtual Sex

September 4th, 2013

It’s been 20 years here at Hyper, that means 20 whole years of reviews, specials, predictions and opinions. What did we get right? What did we get hilariously wrong? We decided to have a dig through the archives (deep in the bowels of the Hyper Dungeons) and throw up some stuff that made us laugh. This week we’ll be showing off issue 1, where all the nonsense began – starting with Virtual Sex, a special we did looking at virtual reality and… well… virtual boning.

HINDSIGHT HIGHLIGHT “It is the subject of more hype than Jurassic Park, niftier than DCC or miniDisc… more fun than being given the keys to Timezone” – I don’t think we could date ourselves more if we tried.

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One Response to “HINDSIGHT: Virtual Sex”

  1. Rene Ellul says:

    Wow I still have this 1st issue of Hyper. And remember this article from it. I had played a VR arcade unit, with headset that had the TV in built at a Timezone. I also remember that it was very basic graphics. Some of the Arcade games at the time were a lot better.

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