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Issue #246, We go hands on with The Elder Scrolls Online to see if the singleplayer legend can cross over into the MMO market and review some of the biggest games of the year, including South Park: The Stick of Truth and Dark Souls 2. Get into it.

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Working on 201: Where the Magic Happens

April 27th, 2010

In this post is my (actually rather clean) work desk. Yeah, boring I know, but it’s where I’ll be spending most of today slaving away on Issue 201 work. And I’m just a lowly freelancer!

I’m sure Darren and the rest of the Hyper bloggers will all have more interesting desks than I. Perhaps they will be festooned with all kinds of gaming related paraphernalia. Mayhap we’ll catch a glance of what Darren had for lunch – ooh excitement! more »

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